Wednesday, April 30, 2008

What to read next?

I'm having a problem deciding what to read after I finish my current book so I added another poll for which book to read and review next. Plus seeing what people choose is fun!

There are 5 fantasy books to choose from since I've been on a science fiction kick lately and I don't want to annoy you all by reading too many non-fantasy books on a book review blog that claims to be about fantasy.

The options are:

Before They Are Hanged by Joe Abercrombie (#2 First Law Trilogy)
Blood and Iron by Elizabeth Bear (#1 Promethean Age)
Calenture by Storm Constantine (stand alone)
Hood by Stephen Lawhead (#1 King Raven)
The Well of Ascension by Brandon Sanderson (#2 Mistborn)


Tia Nevitt said...

Ooh! If you're taking votes, I vote for Hood! I have not read Lawhead in years, and this is one I have not read.

Kristen said...

Hi Tia!

Which Lawhead books have you read?

My fiance has read Hood and its sequel and he said it was pretty good. I read the Pendragon Cycle a few years ago (when I had just read Lord of the Rings and was reading any fantasy books I could get my hands on). The first four books were enjoyable; I thought the final book seemed a bit tacked on, though.

Sara J. said...

I voted for the Elizabeth Bear one--looks intriguing! :)

I find though that if I try and just read what I "should" read, I'm never as happy as I might have been had I really wanted to read it (though, there are those books you just never really want to read anyway...).

Kristen said...

The Bear one does look intriguing and I hope to read it fairly soon - by the time the last two books in the series are out later this year.

Anastasia said...


Ok, I realize that this is like a double vote on my end, but... Calenture. Look at it this way - what if you die in a week? Which of these books would you definitely need to read before you die? Every hour would be precious and you wouldln't want to spend it reading anything less than fantastic.

Calenture is the only book at the end of which I cried not out of sadness, pity or empathy, but pure catharsis. A lot of people say that it may be the best book Storm has written.

Kristen said...

I might have to read Calenture after Hood. You're absolutely right that it is a book I definitely need to read. I've been saving it because if it is as good as or better than Wraeththu, I'll be very sad when it's over. Although Signs for the Sacred is still on the pile, too... You thought that one was nearly as good as Calenture, didn't you?